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About us

Legendply is a name that has been associated with high grade wood veneer offerings for over two decades now. Legendply is recognized as a pioneer and a trendsetter in the realm of Plywood, Block Board, Flush Door and Decorative Veneers, across India.

As a brand Legendply, draws on long tradition of acquired expertise and time tested knowledge of wood, to offer ultra grade, aesthetically superior and carefully chosen decorative veneers that find applications in interior of modern work spaces and living spaces-ideal for today’s times and sensibilities. Every product of Legendply bears its hallmark of absolute reliability and fine craftsmanship, which is why they stand out, head and shoulders above the rest.

Legendply’s passion for what it does and its unique approach to its work, reflects in its products, its people and its culture. A strong belief in a progressive work environment, where seasoned professionals are encouraged to work closely with younger talent to discover newer avenues and methods, is what gives us our characteristic dynamism. This is also a reason why we are able to constantly innovate our offerings - through refreshingly contemporary colors, finishes, textures and applications. Sensitive to its people, its customers and to its environment, Legendply is a staunch pro green company stressing on processes and quality that reduces waste while maximizing the benefits of a natural resource like wood. And we actively encourage this approach.

Legendply’s unique culture, its vision and commitment to its patrons, is making it grow by leaps and bounds and we take pride in the fact that this growth, continues through its strategic partners, dealers and distributors. Legendply, is one big name that represents one big growing family.

So next time you see a Legendply veneer, run your hand over it to know what we mean by quality!

In the series of pioneering the change, witness another Transformation