• Plywood


Legend Plywood has its many advantages over solid timber which makes it hugely popular with people who want to strengthen, rework, decorate and furnish things just about anywhere: right from bookshelves to paneling. In addition to being comparatively inexpensive, the cross grain arrangement in plywood and its construction gives it itswell known strength and versatility making it stronger, and much more easier to work with. Solid timber weathers and is not termite proof while plywood doesn't crack, buckle even after years of usage and is termite proof. Another important reason for its popularity is its ready availability in large wide panels as against solid timber that comes in relatively narrower strips. Working with plywood becomes easier and quicker than with solid timber and is widely considered carpenter friendly. These attribute of plywood gives it an unmatched range of application.

Legend Plywood comes in a range that encompasses almost every requirement and taste through its various grades (from interior grade plywood to high strength hardwood ply). Made out of carefully chosen timber, the best of surfaces and bonded with quality resin adhesive. Legend Plywood is used across industries and purposes. Moisture Resistant plywood ideally suited for interior paneling; treated high strength plywood that can withstand boiling water, dry heat, pests and extreme weather; are all ways in which our products add value to interiors and exteriors in homes, offices and large installations.