• Teak Plywood


Legend knows what it is to have a discerning taste and so goes the extra mile in getting you the exact look that you so desire in your wood -- especially for the ones who like the teak finish with grains and designs just the way nature creates. Now with Legend Teak plywood you can bring home nature with just a layer that lets you do all that you want with your interiors without being expensive.

Classic and yet contemporary, Legend Teak plywood made of extra thickness Teak veneer on superior quality ply gives you the much in demand Teak finish for your doors, panels and portioning -- be it your room or your study, now you can create the look and feel of natural Teak just the way you imagined. By picking a particular shade to reflect a particular mood, you can actually create a look for yourself that is exclusive and thoroughly personal. You can choose from vertical, horizontal, crown cut or quarter cut design patterns in combination with a wide range of shades that we offer. Excellent finishes, stain free surfaces and classic designs mark our Teak plywood bonded to premium quality base ply. Legend Teak plywood are treated to make them water resistant, termite & borer proof and long lasting Teak finishes creating the impact at the very first glance.