• Journey of Transformation

Journey of Transformation

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Our logo captures and reflects our passion for the work we do, our patrons and our people. It reflects our genuine love for wood, our fair dealing with our customers, the trust that we have kept intact over the years and the constant growth that we strive at with every effort.

The logo formed by squares within the larger square marked in red, with a bold Legendply in Helvetica font at the bottom coveys a multi layered meaning that together forms the core principles at Legendply.

The small squares arranged inside the larger square, signify the people within the Legendply family. Who being of equal importance in their contribution, are aligned in a pattern to form the edge of the larger square signifying their willingness to be aligned for the larger goal of the company. It reflects the company's egalitarian approach, the collective effort and the readiness to work as one.

The upward edge of the square in red, sharp and acting as the upper most portion of the logo symbolizes the movement and direction of the company which is forever progressive and moving towards newer things. It suggests growth, a singularity of purpose and a constant progressive movement that Legendply strives at.

The predominant red in the logo stands for vitality, vibrancy & dynamism and the sheer confidence that our company displays and is proud of. The use of black in the bold Helvetica font also reflects the company's bold, unambiguous leader's position in its league and a solid strength that the company is founded on.

'Transforming Wood', our tagline, is what define us as the brand that transforms nature's bounty by value adding to it and opening up a world of possibilities for your living - transforming and enlivening it.