• Marine Plywood


Legend Marine plywood is made from Gurjan wood with no core gaps and stable glue bonds. Legend Marine plywood variety is especially treated for extreme out door conditions. Layers of thin wood are peeled, dried, patched and glued together and then baked in a press for 140°c and pressed under 2800 psi before using water resistant glue to prevent de-lamination, to withstand rot in outdoor conditions and to retain strength in high humidity.

Legend Marine plywood offers you top quality moisture free plywood, in great finishes for the most demanding weather conditions -- a product that finds applications in docks, boats and just about any area that needs moisture resistant wood. You can choose your Marine plywood depending on the usage you will be subjecting it to; be it your bathroom or your boat, Legend Marine plywood come in varying degrees of weather resistant capabilities. Typically used for boat constructions, on marine crafts and in marine constructions, they withstand heavy impact and alternate wetting and drying without losing their unique quality, which makes them ideally suitable for facing extreme outdoor conditions that a fence or a roofing is subject to.