• Block Board


Block Board Legend Blockboards are made up of a core of medium hardwood strips of 25-28mm width, placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood and glued under high pressure. Assembled packs (A central core of a wooden frame, two cross bands and two face veneers) are pressed in a hot press with resin with anti-borer and anti-termite compounds to make the product termite resistant under high temperature and high pressure. The Blockboard then is subject to sanding and finishing giving it a ready usability. Legend Blockboard are often considered as good as solid wood but unlike solid wood do not warp.

Typically used for interiors, Legend Blockboards are popular work material for doors, panels, shelves, ceilings and partitions because of their great ability to hold screws and strength achieved by their unique construction. Legend Blockboards comes in different grade & styles for different purposes - decorative and commercial Blockboards ideally suited for interior works and specific purpose Blockboard that are treated for high humidity and weathering for external purposes. With edge coating and primer coats these Blockboards are also CB treated at 70° c, to make them moisture resistant, termite and borer resistant.